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The Interventional Radiology arena uses minimally invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system. IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs Clarity Surgical HD Multi-Modality integrated systems for IR settings. The Clarity Surgical system eliminates the need of pulling up several carts to surgical field in order to monitor procedures, as all signals can be viewed on one monitor – ultrasound, MRI, X-Rays, CT, fluoroscopy, and other imaging modalities.

The quick accessibility of images is important in this setting, as clear images and precise information drive the procedure. With patient safety in mind, IntegriTech manages the integration and connectivity of the various images in the Interventional Radiology arena:

  • Identify required surgical images, or inputs – ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI, HD endoscopic cameras, anesthesia data, multiple PCs, etc.
  • Identify required surgical outputs - PCs, medical recorder, etc.
  • Discover ideal location for images to be viewed by medical professionals during surgery.
  • Provide and install surgical monitors to capture critical medical images.
  • Provide and install video collaboration capability for physicians to broadcast surgeries to other medical professionals at remote locations.
  • Provide and install medical high definition recorders and control tablets for physicians to record and archive procedures.

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Our Mission

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care through developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. 

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