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IntegriTech’s internal culture is full of people that are looking to create product trends, not follow them. IntegriTech challenged the approach of a hybrid OR by marrying two areas with distinct and different requirements. IntegriTech developed the Clarity Integration System for hybrid OR’s that is future focused and produces advanced medical diagnostic imaging. The advanced medical diagnostic imaging includes X-ray computed tomography angiography to visualize arterial and venous vessels throughout the body. The CT passes beams of x-rays from a rotating device to capture projection images, which are assembled into a three-dimensional picture.

 IntegriTech seamlessly manages and designs the complex processes of a hybrid operating room:

  • Identify required surgical images, or inputs - ultrasound, C-Arms, HD endoscopic cameras, anesthesia data, multiple PCs, etc.
  • Identify required surgical outputs - PCs, medical recorder, etc.
  • Discover ideal location for images to be viewed by medical professionals during surgery.
  • Provide and install surgical monitors to capture critical medical images.
  • Provide and install video conferencing capability for physicians to broadcast surgeries to other medical professionals at remote locations.
  • Provide and install high definition medical recorders and control tablets for physicians to record and archive surgeries.
  • Provide and install X-ray image intensifiers and CCD video cameras.
  • Provide flexibility to support basic functionality for a standard OR.

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Our Mission

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care through developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. 

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