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The surgical outcome is determined by how the primary physician is connected to his procedure. The primary physician’s accessibility of critical images during surgery can have a positive, or negative, impact on the patient experience. IntegriTech connects physicians with those critical inputs during surgery with patient safety as the top priority. IntegriTech enables the hands of the physician through completing the integration of surgical monitors and various surgical images – ultrasound, C-Arms, HD endoscopic cameras, anesthesia data, and multiple PCs.

IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs Clarity Surgical Monitors of various sizes for procedure room settings. In addition to providing surgical monitors, IntegriTech’s Clarity Integration System manages the overall OR integration process by connecting various surgical inputs and outputs to multiple locations. IntegriTech also connects surgeons to medical professional at remote locations during surgery through real-time video conferencing technology. If medical professionals are not available fora live surgery, IntegriTech records and archives surgeries for physicians to share at a later time.

IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs a full line of Clarity Surgical products for the complete integration of an operating room:

  •  Identify required surgical images, or inputs – ultrasound, C-Arms, HD endoscopic cameras, anesthesia data, multiple PCs, etc.
  • Discover ideal location for images to be viewed by medical professionals during surgery.
  • Provide and install surgical monitors to capture critical medical images.
  • Provide and install video conferencing capability for physicians to broadcast surgeries to other medical professionals at remote locations.
  • Provide and install high definition medical recorders and control tablets for physicians to record and archive surgeries.
  • Identify required surgical outputs – PCs, Medical Recorder, etc.

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Our Mission

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care through developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. 

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