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In a cardiac catheterization laboratory, the images taken to ascertain where the blocked artery has the problem need to be clear and at the fingertips of the physician. These images drive the surgical direction and expectations of the surgical outcome held by the medical professionals involved. IntegriTech supports medical professionals on the complete design and installation of the video and audio connectivity in a cath lab setting. With patient safety as the first priority, IntegriTech’s Clarity Surgical Integration ensures that the images are quickly accessible for the physicians during surgery. IntegriTech streamlines the complex process of monitoring images by displaying multiple signals/images simultaneously on one large Quad HD monitor. After the primary physician gains arterial access, IntegriTech’s Clarity Surgical Integration System design and installation manages the rest. That is, displaying multiple clear images simultaneously that are accessible to all medical professionals involved in the procedure.

 IntegriTech’s Clarity Surgical Integration System manages the process of integration and connectivity in the Cath Lab surgical arena:

  • Identify required surgical outputs - PCs, medical recorder, etc.
  • Discover ideal location for images to be viewed by medical professionals during surgery.
  • Provide and install surgical monitors to capture critical medical images.
  • Provide and install video conferencing capability for physicians to broadcast surgeries to other medical professionals at remote locations.
  • Provide and install HD medical recorders and control tablets for physicians to record and archive surgeries. 

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Our Mission

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care through developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. 

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