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IntegriTech distributes and installs the GD72 (Stationary) and GD76 (MAVIG Ceiling Track) - smart monitor suspension systems. These suspensions support a load of up to 72.7 lbs with a flexible spring arm and internal cabling, which is generally seen only in larger systems. Thanks to this, the GD72 is a great compact alternative when only one to three monitors are required. With the use of the spring arm, the monitors can be easily positioned. The patented MAVIG ceiling track systems enable a larger positioning area, but are still easy to install and offer high security. 

Quick Facts

  • GD72 - Stationary mounted
  • GD76 - MAVIG ceiling track, width 335 mm
  • Supports 1 - 3 monitors
  • Weight capacity of up to 34 kg / 75 lbs
  • Internal cabling




For ordering information and price, please call 614.861.8891 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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