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Protect your medical-grade and commercial-grade monitors in any surgical suite or operating room with our Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields. IntegriTech manufactures and distributes Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields, a crystal-clear, optical grade, acrylic shield. The Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields are designed to fit any medical-grade or commercial-grade monitor, as they are manufactured to the exact specifications of your monitor. IntegriTech requires that you provide the make and model of the monitor during placement of the order. The Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields serve as a cost-effective insurance policy to protect monitors during procedures. 

The Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields are designed to provide effective airflow between the monitor shield and surface of the monitor, preventing heat buildup and keeping your monitor at an acceptable temperature.   


Quick Facts:

Protects your monitor from forceful objects during procedures

Easy installation 

Maintains high-definition resolution

Scratch resistant

Easy to clean

Manufactured to support exact dimensions of the monitor


Standard Clarity Surgical Monitor Shield Product Line and Part Numbers

19-20" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-19/20

26" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-26

32" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-32

40" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-40

42" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-42

55" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-55

56-58" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-56/58

60" Monitor Shield: CS-MS-60

If you're interested in purchasing our Clarity Surgical Monitor Shields or have any questions, please call 614.861.8891 or send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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