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When combining the use of endoscopy and fluoroscopy, digital imaging and visuals are critical resources for the physician. IntegriTech enables the physician to have a successful surgical outcome by displaying multiple, and clear, images simultaneously. In time-critical cases, fast reading of clinical images is crucial. IntegriTech's exceptionally accurate and stable Clarity Surgical Imaging platform for the ERCP surgical arena is designed so all critical images are easily accessible for the physician. With the shift to completely filmless systems for improved efficiencies in patient care, IntegriTech continues to provide products of unsurpassed quality, consistency, and value that are truly future-focused.

IntegriTech manages the process of integration and connectivity in the ERCP surgical arena:

  • Identify required surgical images, or inputs - ultrasound, C-Arms, HD endoscopic cameras, anesthesia data, multiple PCs, etc.
  • Identify required surgical outputs - PCs, medical recorder, etc.
  • Discover ideal location for images to be viewed by medical professionals during surgery.
  • Provide and install surgical monitors to capture critical medical images.
  • Provide and install video conferencing capability for physicians to broadcast surgeries to other medical professionals at remote locations.
  • Provide and install medical recorders and control tables for physicians to record and archive surgeries. 


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Our Mission

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care through developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. 

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