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Monitor Suspension GD60

IntegriTech is an authorized distributor and installer of the GD60, a versatile monitor suspension for up to eight monitors. Designed for heavy loads, the GD60 is a perfect solution for multiple monitors or large screen displays.

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Monitor Suspension GD65

IntegriTech and Mavig support hospitals and ambulatory care sites with the GD65, a powerful monitor suspension for up to four monitors. The GD65 combines the versatile Mavig track system with the sophisticated Mavig suspension for one to four monitors, designed for easy, friction free operation. 

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Monitor Suspension GD72/76

The GD72 (stationary) and GD76 (for Mavig ceiling track 335) supports a load of up to 72.7 lbs with a flexible spring arm and internal cabling, which is generally seen only in larger systems. With the use of the spring arm, IntegriTech and Mavig ensures the monitors can be easily positioned. 

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Monitor Suspension GD70/75

The GD70/75 holds up to three monitors with a maximum weight load of 63.9 lbs. These suspensions are an economic solution for stationary systems. This solution contains the features of a curved horizontal rail for perfect viewing angle, aligned LCD positioning, and gripping handles.  

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Monitor Suspension GD4020/21

This monitor suspension is designed to hold one LCD display with a maximum weight load of up to 22 lbs. IntegriTech installs a double jointed hinge to allow a wide range of different viewing angles. 

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Monitor Suspension GD4210/20

Monitor holder GD4210 for Portegra2 supports one display with a maximum weight load of up to 33 lbs. Monitor Holder GD4220 for Portegra2 also holds a maximum weight load of up to 33 lbs, but supports two displays.  

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Monitor Suspension MD70

IntegriTech and Mavig provide a mobile solution for procedure rooms with limited space. This mobile system holds up to three monitors for rooms where ceiling suspension is not possible. Physicians and supporting members can move this unit to the exact location needed. 

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