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Clarity Surgical Monitors

IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs Clarity Surgical Monitors, a diverse line of medical-grade monitors, from a 24-inch to a 60-inch monitor. These monitors support different video sources and allow physicians to view images side-by-side without distracting frames in between. A Clarity Surgical Monitor is the precise tool a physician needs to make the sharpest analysis and the most reliable diagnosis.    

EIZO Medical Grade Monitor Solutions

IntegriTech offers a wide range of EIZO monitor solutions to meet the medical imaging demands of hospitals. IntegriTech helps EIZO carve out the small details essential in medical practice. With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data. IntegriTech and EIZO's partnership enables hospitals to practice a multi-modality approach, which allows a variety of images to be displayed on a single screen. 

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