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IntegriTech is an authorized distributor and installer of the LED120F, a  brilliant light for diagnosis and minor surgery. The LED120F has LED technology, electronic brightness control, and focus on the handle. 

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The LED130F is a small examination LED lamp for diagnosis and minor surgery. Like the LED120F, there is electronic brightness control on the lamp head and focusing ability with the handle. The latest LED technology and the lamp's innovative features will definitely facilitate your daily working needs. 

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IntegriTech distributes and installs the LED2 - a minor surgical light. Available as a multi-color LED (MC) to change the light color on demand or as a single-color LED (SC), but always with a multi-facetted lens system for low shadiness in the light field. 

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The LED3 is a large surgical light that provides a high contrast and a lifelike as well as precise illumination of the surgical field. This light with LED technology is available as a multi-color LED and a single-color LED.

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IntegriTech distributes and installs the LED5, a large surgical light. The optimal design of the system is guaranteed as all lights from MAVIG are delivered with an appropriate spring arm. 

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